Sara group forayed into investments as a way to capitalise on its corporate treasury and with a strong track record over the last fifteen years, decided to formalise this into a fourth business vertical for the group.

Within the investments vertical, the group operates in the areas of early stage venture and private equity investments and a technology enabled lending platform through its SEBI registered Non banking finance company (NBFC).

The group has made a strong mark in the early stage eco-system and is not building a strong brand in the retail lending market.


Setup in 2013 to house the early-stage venture capital, private equity and public equity investments for the group. Since then, the Dominor has successfully invested in large number of early stage businesses and private equity funds contributing very concretely to the early stage and entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

Dominor is structured as a Limited Liability Partnership and only invests proprietary capital across early stage business across industries, venture capital and private equity funds and as well as Private investment in public equities (PIPE).

With a current portfolio of 55 companies across, we have a sector agnostic approach to providing long term capital to support building companies from India that are run by passionate founders, have a large market to address and strong unite economics.

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Knab Finance

KNAB is a Non-Banking financial company (NBFC), established in 2015 to integrate technology with financial solutions. 2015 was also the start of India’s digital journey with Aadhar, followed by GST and related themes. The company aims to find the most effective and easiest lending solutions for its customers using advanced technology.

Democratised Loans Against Financial Assets
A cheaper loan is always a dream for any customer. The challenge becomes high for the retail customer, especially those who do not have a steady income like a salary, etc. At KNAB Finance, we have built a product called Abhi Loans to support customers with cheaper loans. In the last five years, there has been an increase in the number of retail investors in investment products. Abhi Loans has built solutions to support these customers with cheaper loans. Abhi Loans is a groundbreaking product of KNAB Finances that democratizes loans against assets such as stocks, shares, and mutual funds.

At KNAB Finances, we combine our customers’ needs and expectations with the latest technology and best practices to provide the best possible service. Our core values of honesty, hard work, and collaboration have always been at the heart of everything we do. These values have helped us shape the future of our customers while also growing our business efficiently.

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