Commodities are the fundamental building blocks of the any economy. It is also one of the oldest businesses of the group and has transformed itself multiple times over the past thirty years. And, in this fiercely competitive and scale-driven business, SARA has emerged as a prominent player. With a sharp focus on bulk commodities, ranging from steel-making raw materials to finished steel and coal, SARA is an established participant in the flow of these crucial resources.

Having developed in the era of information arbitration, today, Sara has sufficient experience to manage the demanding logistical requirements and as well as price risk to meet the demands of its end users across India and China.


SARA’s unwavering commitment to its core philosophy has set it apart as a leader in the commodities industry. By owning the ability to supply, SARA ensures that it can provide its clients with the best quality products from origination to end-use. This approach has been the driving force behind SARA’s success and growth.

SARA’s investments in the supply chain of the commodities it trades have been strategic and well-thought-out. Coupled with years of experience in risk management, SARA’s approach has ensured that it can adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics and customer requirements.

With humble beginnings in brass and steel scrap, the company has managed the supply of millions of metric tons of bulk commodities like Iron ore, Met Coke, Thermal and Coking coal, Wheat, Maize and Barley. And each time, a timely mismatch between global demand and supply was identified and met.

This is thanks to the excellent teams that SARA has established, who have an in-depth understanding of product dynamics, long-standing customer relationships, and expertise in product supply chains. With SARA, you can be sure that you are in good hands. SARA proactively identifies risk and manages it to ensure the best outcome for its clients.

As part of a vertical integration strategy, Sara moved into Chrome ore mining since 2010 and today, Chrome is the dominant part of the product mix for the company, along with Coal and Iron ore.


SARA today is recognised as a reliable player in the bulk commodities industry. This is because the group has worked to create competitive advantages that has translated into better pricing and a better product for our customers.

Some of our achievements are:

  • Pioneered the import of premium Italian Metallurgical Coke into India.
  • Imported the first cape size vessel of Thermal Coal at Kandla Port, India.
  • Awarded the prestigious “Exporter of the Year” award by the Indian government in recognition of our outstanding contribution to the country’s economy.
  • Was the third largest export of Wheat from India in FY 2000-2001.
  • Invested in Railways Rakes under the WIS scheme with the government of India to create a seamless supply chain for Iron ore exports from East India.

At SARA, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new horizons. Join us on our journey to deliver excellence and value to our customers.