Industrial Automation


Magnum Resources Pvt. Ltd. is today one of India’s leading suppliers of Industrial machinery and automation solutions to the garment, home and technical textiles industries.

With a strong partnership with over 27 global companies, the company offers the best in class solutions to its customers and works with them hand in hand from project planning, and installation to exceptional after-sales services.

The North Star for the company is “Customer Success” delivered through the most innovative technical solutions for the entire production process. More than 1,000 delighted customers across India are the foundation of our growth.

Magnum’s offerings are not limited to the production floor, with increasing solutions across cloud-based data management, warehousing, intra-factory logistics and robotics.

With a pan-India presence, a stellar team of over 85 winners and a clear focus on execution, the company is well on the path to leading the industrial automation revolution.

Innovative Solutions Catering to Market Demands

Striving for innovation is our day-to-day business at Magnum. Acquired by Sara Group in 2007, Magnum today provides a powerful and future-oriented technology for a new generation of automation concepts. Today, it has created a reputation for itself in the garment industry with innovative and high-quality weaving, cutting, and sewing machines.

Over a decade of experience in delivering innovative products has resulted in ensuring its customers that they can rely on an impeccable, streamlined, and efficient innovation process. The company has a history of introducing innovative and cutting-edge products that are sought after by customers all over the globe.

The quest to deliver innovative solutions to cater to the growing demands of the market has been the driving force for the company’s continued success. The company has recognised many standards in automation technology that are successfully introduced to the market as innovations. The inventions introduced by Magnum are milestones in automation and have proven themselves as powerful alternatives to traditional industrial technology.

The company is constantly looking for ways to serve people on remarkable levels. Not just in terms of performance and possession but also in terms of quality standards. Magnum discovers innovation by persistently pursuing new possibilities and tailor-made excellence, elevating its offerings to the next level of innovation.

End-to-End Solution in Industrial Automation

The company continues to bridge the gap between ‌manufacturers and buyers of industrial machinery and automation systems. With a holistic approach to offering end-to-end industrial machinery and automation solutions for a wide range of industrial needs, Magnum focuses on enabling the transformation of manufacturing and transportation organisations. Its solutions reflect an unwavering commitment to helping its customers innovate, launch new products and services, and grow sustainably into the future.

Aiming to bring the entire spectrum of industrial automation tools for product innovation, process automation, scaling operational efficiency, optimisation of supply chain and intelligent & smart decision-making, Magnum enables organisations across all industrial sectors in India to adopt, acquire, implement and transform in their growth journeys.

Prestigious Clients Network

The happy customer base of more than 2000 institutions is the driving force behind the continuous growth and success of Magnum. The company takes immense pride in its capability to serve numerous prestigious production facilities across the country and continues to serve its client’s needs by providing a scalable, reliable and secure supply chain ecosystem. Magnum is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services at affordable prices to all of its clients in order to help them achieve their production goals.

In order to satisfy the varying and often unique needs of its customers, the highly skilled staff at Magnum constantly strives for and achieves excellence across the production process. Thus, being aware of its own business’ inherent capabilities and strengths, it is optimistic that its business is on the path to a prosperous future.

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